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High quality, responsive English language services at competitive prices

We operate on the basis of no surprises for our clients because we understand that nobody likes getting bills for services they did not agree to or finding out about an obligation or issue after the fact.

Our billing is pre-agreed, fixed, transparent and predictable.

Our team includes native English speaking accountants from IFRS jurisdictions and qualified Chilean auditors and accountants.

We offer high levels of service, communication and professionalism at very competitive prices.

We ensure our clients understand with and comply with their obligations in Chile and we work with our clients to produce the management reports and parent entity or off-shore reporting formats they need.

If clients have a question or need accounting advice we work with them to provide everything they need from the basics of recording and reporting through to more complex issues like wage components and taxation compliance and accounting treatments.

Our focus is small to medium businesses in any field. Our client base includes: foreign governments in Chile; engineering companies; retail companies; services companies; manufacturing companies; individuals; and mining operations.

We use SoftLand accounting systems which is the most widely used business accounting system in Chile. We host our own data centre to ensure all data and records are properly maintained with back up.



1. Accounting, reporting and taxation

This is the recording of transactions, the reporting of these transactions by financial accounting or management accounting statements; and the tax accounting and reporting on a monthly and/or annual basis.

2. Payables, receivables, invoicing and billing

This is the creation and emission of invoices, receivables, payable and receipts. It is also the reconciliation of these transactions against bank records.

3. Payroll

This is the calculation and production of payslips, related transactions associated with employee healthcare, superannuation, insurance and tax. Where requested this can include the disbursement of funds to employees.

4. Banking

Typically is an additional and optional level of service over the first three categories listed above. Banking can also include the ingress of funds from foreign sources through the foreign investment regimes in Chile which apply to amounts greater than US$10,000.

5. Legal representation and business address

Legal representation is a formal role assigned by legal documents and registered publicly to allow us to act as your agent under your instruction. If a business does not have a registered business address in Chile for the Chilean Tax Authority (Sii) then we can provide this.

6. Domestic and international individual and business tax returns

7. Repatriation or transfer of Chilean superannuation

Return your contributions and earnings to your next place of residency.

8. Legal advice and tax planning

Domestic and international tax and legal advice and business planning.

9. Business management and administration

This includes a broad range of services to help you run your business here by giving you a trusted representative on the ground in Chile for short-term or ongoing issues.

10. Training

For English speakers on business, accounting and tax in Chile and LATAM.



Our client list includes:

The offices of a number of English speaking foreign governments in Chile.

Multinational firms accross almost every industry including: mining; IT and software; manufacturing; engineering; transport and logistics; professional services; agriculture; and retail.



We provide our clients with a range of support, forms, spreadsheets and guides to help them organise and run their business - including:

Incorporation and Investment

- Types of legal entities (business forms) and the process for incorporation.


- How to use PreviRed for monthly payroll.

- How to use Sii online for monthly tax reporting and payment.

- How to set up and use Sii online for electronic invoicing.

Documentation, Reporting and Record Keeping

- Corporate record keeping obligations: formats; duration; inspections you are likely to receive.

- How to organise, store and transmit your accounting, tax, and banking information and records.

- Sales and purchases documents and their components.

- Chilean Financial Reports and the 8 column spreadsheet.


- Boletas versus facturas - understanding when it is financially advantageous to incorporate.

- Tax efficient structures for professional services (IVA exempt) businesses - how you can claim IVA.

- Chilean taxes.

- Double-taxation in Chile.

- Monthly tax reporting (including an English translation of form F29).

- Annual tax reporting (including an English translation of form F22).

- Corporate tax deductions.

- Mining Taxes.


- Understanding salary components and employer obligations.

- Understanding employment contracts and services contracts.

- Understanding termination payment and labour dispute liabilities.



Head Office

Office: Av. Vitacura 2771, Office 601, Las Condes, Santiago.

Mobile: +56 (9) 7408 3447


We are within easy walking distance from the majority of international hotels in Santiago.